AVALON developed an intelligent traffic steering mechanism to optimize the number and sequence (chain) of service functions. Dynamic SFC is based on higher layer inspection (Layer 7), i.e., traffic identification and classification at the application layer. To achieve this goal, the OpenStack-compatible Open Virtual Switch (OVS) has been extended adding an interface interacting with an… Read More

The PrivaCity experiment focused on data management optimization with scalable privacy and security, based on distributed access networks and scalable data storage in SDN-based data centres. The main goal of the experiment was to exploit the Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) capabilities for IoT massive deployments in scenarios such as Smart Cities. PrivaCity has… Read More

Modio’s experiment, Intelligent resource allocation for 5G cloud environments, implemented a novel computational intelligent-based approach to dynamically assist the dynamic resource allocation mechanism, implemented within OpenBaton’s autoscaler. Specifically, Modio  implemented a predictive agent incorporating state of the art forecasting algorithms (ARIMA, Holt Winters and Recurrent Neural Networks) in order to predict the upcoming system load… Read More

Cumucore has successfully completed its experiment on the SoftFIRE platform. The objective of 5GNaaS was to integrate NFV mobile packet core (EPC) as part of SoftFIRE federated testbed and install SDN-based switches in LTE eNBs. The objective of this experiment was to design and deploy the first slice manager according to 3GPP specifications  using the… Read More

SoftFIRE has completed the evaluation process for the Third Open Call and we are pleased to announce the project proposals that have been conditionally accepted for funding. We selected 13 out of 14 proposals received. More details on the winners can found here.… Read More

SoftFIRE has launched its Challenge with interesting prizes addressing following topics: the interoperability/extension of the platform, the creation/consolidation of services and/or the creation of applications on top of the infrastructure This challenge is very broad in principle and it aims at demonstrating the conformity, compliance and consistency of the NFV/SDN framework to the requirements of… Read More

The SoftFIRE Project is organising a workshop about “Federated Testbeds for NFV/SDN/5G: Experiences and Feedbacks”. The workshop will be held on November 6, 2017 at the IEEE NFV-SDN conference which is taking place during the Berlin 5G week. Join the SoftFIRE team at the workshop. More details can be found here.… Read More

The deadline for the SoftFIRE Open Call has been extended to October 18, 2017. The new deadline for the feasibility check is October 4th, 2017. For more information please visit here.… Read More

Let’s work and play on a European federated testbed to win a Prize! SoftFIRE launched the Open Call for its Second Hackathon. Apply for participation to the Hackathon and join the SoftFIRE team in the two days event  in Berlin on November 7-8, 2017 prior to the FUSECO Forum! For more detailed information please refer… Read More