Cost-efficient Centrality-based VNF Placement and chaining algorithm (aka CCVP) by Telecom SudParis



Network services (e.g., Firewalls, Network Address Translators (NATs), load balancers and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs )) are nowadays considered as a key component in keeping the network running at all times. The time and cost of deploying these services are recently considered as critical challenges for network providers. Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is a promising solution to offer cost-efficient, scalable and more rapid deployment of such services. It allows the implementation of fine-grained services as a chain of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs). These chains need to be deployed and operated in the network. The chain placement is critical since it effects on both quality of service (QoS) and the provider cost.

In order to provide cost efficiency, Institut Mines Telecom – Telecom SudParis proposed a Cost-efficient Centrality-based VNF Placement and chaining algorithm (aka CCVP) as one of the recent solution for cost-efficient network service provisioning.

The CCVP used the Betweenness centrality and flow source modification (FSM) techniques. The objective of CCVP was to find the optimal number of VNFs along with their locations in such a manner that the provider cost is minimized.

Institut Mines Telecom – Telecom SudParis wanted to evaluate their solution in a real platform in order to further evaluate the algorithm. Implementing CCVP in SoftFIRE gave the great opportunity of evaluating the CCVP on a federated and distributed platform that suits the CCVP goals. In addition, such an experiment brought benefit to both CCVP (for the dynamicity, orchestration and distribution of the VNFs) and the SoftFIRE platform at the same time because CCVP could become a possible offering of the platform itself. In addition, by deploying the VNFs of the chain based on CCVP decision in different SoftFIRE testbeds, the ability of platform for inter testbeds communication had been examined.


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