The DT Testbed

The Testbed of the Telekom Innovation Laboratories is called Multi Radio Access Technology (MultiRAT)-Testbed. Please consider that this testbed is declared as an optional part of the overall SoftFIRE project.

The DT node is located at T-Labs in Berlin and offers a network infrastructure basis for several internal and external projects. The current MultiRAT-Testbed allows access via 2G, 4G, Wi-Fi, and WiMAX on a Proof-of-Concept level. However, the main scope lies on network connectivity and management based on Wi-Fi.

Next to the physical infrastructure, the MultiRAT-Testbed is currently starting to be interconnected with an OpenStack Environment (access level: tenant), offering cloud-based computing and storage.

However, the main and current activities of the testbed are to develop and investigate

  • NFV/SDN functionality to address 5G Use Cases and scenarios,
  • Support of Single and Multi-connection Seamless Mobility, as well as
  • Network-Centric Services (e.g., Locationing).

The MultiRAT-Testbed is an integrated testbed which connects several access possibilities with a dynamic deployment of Wi-Fi access nodes – offering storage, processing and connectivity on each node.


Figure: MultiRAT Testbed – Logical overview

The Figure shows the logical view of the DT testbed infrastructure. The building is equipped with around 40 Wi-Fi access nodes as well as one 3GPP LTE Femto cell – managed by the OpenEPC. For the dynamic deployment of Wi-Fi access point specific software (e.g., a customized OpenWRT), a Deployment Portal offers configurations with different levels of granularity (Project, Access Node, and Runtime based) to run newly developed access node software on that access nodes. These components offer connectivity to different services on top of the Testbed, such as several IMS instances, Web-based communication platforms (WebRTC), and to the newly connected OpenStack environment.

The access nodes have the following configuration:

  • x86 64-bit architecture
  • At least 2 physical Wi-Fi Interface Cards available (a/b/g/n/ac)
  • Bluetooth
  • Computing Power and Storage for Cloud-Edge Services (please consider that there is no hardware virtualization available!)
  • External Remote Power Controller to enforce energy efficient configurations
  • Around 45 Access Nodes at Location Winterfeldtstrasse (by connecting 13 Access Nodes via fibre backhauling)

The access to the testbed is possible by visiting the location, integrate, and run the developed software; However, monitoring and steering the developed applications might be possible via a remote VPN connectivity afterwards.