Hackathon is postponed to Q1 2018!

Stay tuned for new details!

Let’s work and play on a European federated testbed to win a Prize!

Join the SoftFIRE team in its Second Hackathon in Berlin!

Where:  in Berlin at EIT Digital, Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7, 10587 Berlin

When:  November 7th – 8th 2017


The Second Hackathon will be held in conjunction with the 8th FUSECO Forum (see https://www.fokus.fraunhofer.de/fuseco-forum-2017), which is taking place during the Berlin 5G week.

The Hackathon event is taking place prior to the Forum to allow participants who are interested in the FUSECO Forum to attend.


Participants to the Hackathon are eligible for a  20% discount on the FUSECO Forum!

Please indicate your interest in the Application Form – we will send you then information on how to register applying the discount. Please be informed that the Early Bird is finishing on September 15, 2017.


The Theme of the Second SoftFIRE Hackathon is the development of compelling applications, services and functions for the new 5G environments through a secure NFV/SDN platform.

This SoftFIRE Hackathon aims at giving the opportunity to develop on top of the SoftFIRE platform combining NFV and SDN technologies as an important step towards the implementation of software architecture for the future 5G networks.

The objective of the Hackathon is to use the SoftFIRE platform either to extend its NFV and SDN functions or to create advanced and innovative applications by exploiting the available features. The participants to the Hackathon can choose one (or both) objectives in order to develop and demonstrate new functions, services, and/or applications.

Please, find here some useful information for your preparation for the Hackathon.


This event will be an important opportunity for developers, practitioners and interested third parties that could work on top of the SoftFIRE platform.

The Hackathon will also be an opportunity for Experimenters interested in the next SoftFIRE Open Calls to get familiar with the programmability of the platform.

More details about the event, rules for participation and judging criteria can be found here.


Open Days: The SoftFIRE team is offering additional support to the participants by organizing before the event:

three free Live Tutorials and

three Open Days

We recommend to join at least one of them for being able to attend the 2nd SoftFIRE Hackathon with the best training possible: all Tutorials and Open Days info is available here!


The number of participants to the Hackathon will be limited to 10 teams of 2-3 people each, so start register immediately!

Due to requests we are also opening the Hackathon for remote participation. In case you cannot be present in Berlin, you can remotely access to the event and to the contest. Please indicate in the “Participation” field of the form if your team will attend in person or remote.

Hackathon registrations will close on October 27th, 2017 at 17.00 CET (Brussels Time).


Duration of the event: access to the platform will be granted for two days:

Day 1 from 9:00 to 18.00 CET and

Day 2 from 9:00 to 13:00 CET (end of the Hackathon development activities).

The platform will be completely closed outside these hours.

Demos of the participants and the selection of the winner will take place in the afternoon of Day 2.

Type of participants: all active teams and individuals in the domain of NFV/SDN and 5G research who want to familiarize with the SoftFIRE federated testbed.

Rules of participation: Admittance to the Hackathon is on a “First Come First Serve” basis and the SoftFIRE team reserves the right to select the attendees among those who request it. For eligibility criteria please refer to the Open Call document.

Teams: The number of participants will be limited to 10 teams composed of 2 – 4 people, including the Leader. Each team has to register by filling out the form completely. If a participant receives a notification of acceptance, your participation of the Hackathon is mandatory.

Prizes: The winning team will be rewarded with a prize of € 7.000.


Initial introduction to the SoftFIRE platform

Open Call document: SoftFIRE Hackathon Document

Online documentation is available here

Online how-to guide for local installation is available here (Docker version here)


For more general information, please refer to info@softfire.eu