The SoftFIRE Challenge was executed between the 9th of February and the 15th of March, providing to all 14 selected challengers access the SoftFIRE Federated testbed and implement their solutions.

Eight teams were present at the final stage that took place at the third Fed4FIRE Engineering Conference (FEC3) in Paris on March 15th, presenting their results.

During the demonstration, it was quite evident the brilliant results and the high quality of the achieved results and the strong competitiveness of the several participants.

The work of the Jury on selecting the best solutions was based on quality and innovation of the proposals.


Here are the WINNERS per stream:



First Prize: 40.000€

Title: Testbed Interworking with External cloud computing platforms/SRv6 for SFC -TIESR

Affiliation: Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni, Italy

Second Prize: 25.000€

Title: Multi-Edge Service Orchestration – MESO

Affiliation: Inmanta NV, Belgium



First Prize: 40.000€

Title: Virtual EPC Recovery Experiment in SoftFIRE – VeriFIRE

Affiliation: Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna/TeCIP Institute, Italy

Second Prize: 25.000€

Title: Map and Discovery – MAD

Affiliation: Grifonline, Italy

Third Prize: 10.000€

Title: SDN-assisted topology management for IoT applications – SOFTIOT

Affiliation: Athens University of Economy and Business, Nicholas Fotiou, Greece



First Prize: 40.000€

Title: Link Fabrication Attack Detection Through Link Latency Analysis – LINKFAB

Affiliation: Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland

Second Prize: 25.000€

Title: Evolved NAT function with dynamic connection establishment and attack protection mechanisms via TCP SYNPROXY – EVONAT

Affiliation: Aalto University Foundation sr, Finland

Third Prize: 10.000€

Title: Security by Design Enablers – SECAGE

Affiliation: Agentscape AG, Germany


The winners received the prizes during a plenary ceremony during the gala dinner organized by FEC3 in conjunction with the prizes given to the Demo Day of Fed4FIRE.


We would like to thank all participants to the SoftFIRE Challenge for their high quality work done and congratulate all Winners.