About SoftFIRE: Testbeds



This page lists the component test-beds of the SoftFIRE Federated Test-bed. The page is also a launch page to each of the component test-bed introductions.

Test Beds

The SoftFIRE federated testbed comprises several independent testbed that have been setup in order to explore and consolidate research and development in areas closely related to NFV/SDN. They approach the issue from a research and industrial perspective giving to federation a special flavour: a bride between innovation and deployment.


Component Testbed
5GIC  University Of Surrey Guildford, UK

The UoS SoftFIRE testbed segment is part of the overall UoS 5GIC testbed. Located in the UK, the scope of the lab scope is to provide hands-on access to a 3GPP based campus RAN with indoor and outdoor coverage that is able to be inter-connected with a variety of virtualized core slices, in order to develop Core Network 5G evolutions and demonstrate 5G Use Cases running over the resultant ETE cellular network. In this manner, the testbed can be used to build industry core competence in 5G.
D1 DT Berlin, Germany

Deutsche Telekom offers a commercial testbed: it supports OpenStack resources on a big public cluster hosted by an external company, a partner of Deutsche Telekom offering commercial cloud services. This cluster is used for different tests, development environments and prototyping activities of Deutsche Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs). It is accessible from the Internet via an OpenVPN gateway.
Ericsson Ericsson Rome, Italy
Ericsson SoftFIRE testbed is part of the Ericsson RMED CloudLab. Located in Rome, the Lab scope is to provide Hands on and Competence Build-up, show specific and concrete “proof” points related to the cloud benefits, Customer Demo on specific products and demonstrate how issues and concerns can be managed mitigating the risks.
Fokus  TUB/Fokus Berlin, Germany
The TUB/FOKUS SoftFire Testbed node is located at Fraunhofer FOKUS and TU in Berlin. The FOKUS node provides fully virtualised resources to the SoftFIRE federated testbed including an OpenStack cluster able to provide computing and storage resources. The TUB node is currently the center of the SoftFIRE VPN network, realized as a pure virtual network with state of the at IPsec protocols. Both sides are connected via dedicated VPM endpoints that connect the VLAN into the two Virtualization environments.
ADS NFV Lab Assembly Data System Rome, Italy
The ADS NFV Lab testbed is located in Rome, in ADS Software Factory which now provides a platform for customer demonstrations and PoC. The platform is made available to SoftFIRE with the aim of setting up additional NFV capabilities in the project. The ADS component testbed is also an optimal working environment for the development and test of own-brand VNFs and for benchmarking cloud virtual network performance. 
ADS NFV infrastructure is based on RedHat OpenStack 10 (Newton).
The OpenStack installation is fully integrated with OpenDaylight as its networking backend, in order to provide more advanced SDN functionalities than those provided by default the OpenStack Neutron module.
JolNet TIM Turin, Italy and other sites
JoLNet (TIM Lab) is an experimental network based on SDN/NFV paradigms. It exploits OpenFlow capable switches and COTS servers in order to offer flexibility and programmability, allowing experimenters to test novel network architectures. JoLNet exports an OpenFlow API and an OpenStack API that experimenters can use to program the behaviour of the network and to instantiate virtual machine acting both as network services and users for testing purposes.