Objectives SoftFIRE focuses on NFV/SDN aiming at creating a secure, interoperable and programmable experimental infrastructure within FIRE+. The Project is federating experimental testbeds that will result  in an infrastructure that Third Parties can use to develop new services and applications. The federation is a fundamental step towards the creation of a network experimental infrastructure that anticipates 5G.


Key Properties Three key elements are assessed by SoftFIRE: programmability, interoperability and security. These properties will be evaluated in terms of efficiency, functional responsiveness and in general terms E2E QoS. The main objective is then to demonstrate and assess the level of maturity of adopted solutions and to show how they can unleash the full potential in a real world infrastructure by creating, nurturing and supporting an innovative ecosystem.


Ecosystem Third parties play a fundamental  role, they will be called to make use of the SoftFIRE testbed and to probe and functionally extend it. The project aims at creating a broad ecosystem of companies engaged with the evolution of SDN/NFV technologies. The mechanisms used for building the ecosystem are: Open Calls and specific events (like Hackathons, InterOpTest and Challenges).