SoftFIRE Challenge 

The demo of the SoftFIRE challenge took place on March 15th at the FEC3 conference.

More details about the winning teams can be found here.


General Information and Call Objective:

The SoftFIRE Consortium kindly invites applications to its Challenge on NFV/SDN/5G technologies for original developments, experiments, trials and tests to be carried out on its virtualized and federated testbed infrastructure. The project is seeking groundbreaking proposals to move these technologies one step further and solve the many issues that still are present. The challenge is an incredible opportunity for practitioners and experts of the sector to showcase how their technological solutions can improve virtualization platforms, or to show how new compelling services and applications can be developed on top of an NFV/SDN middleware.


Three prizes for each stream will be awarded to winning competitors, based on the outcome of the Challenge, emphasizing the creativeness and technical proficiency in provided solutions applied to the SoftFIRE federated testbed running an NFV/SDN environment. The total allocated prize budget and the three prizes per stream are the following:

For each stream € 75.000 divided in following prizes:

€ 40.000 First Prize

€ 25.000 Second Prize

€ 10.000 Third Prize

Total Budget: € 225.000 in form of prizes (for all three streams)

Challenge objectives

For this Challenge, SoftFIRE is especially interested in receiving proposals that address

  • the interoperability/extension of the platform,
  • the creation/consolidation of services and/or
  • the creation of applications on top of the infrastructure

This challenge is very broad in principle and it aims at demonstrating the conformity, compliance and consistency of the NFV/SDN framework to the requirements of networked applications and in particular the nascent 5G realms.

This Challenge call is seeking proposals that cover the entire spectrum of NFV/SDN applicability from new approaches to NFV security, SDN programmability, and software architecture evolution towards 5G, as well as infrastructural integration of experimental access networks with the platform.

Challenge streams

Proposals should fall under at least one of these streams:

  • Interworking: This stream addresses issues related to interoperability of the current platform with other infrastructures.
  • Programmability: This stream is devoted to experimentations that use the programmable APIs of the platform or extend them in order to program or to ease application programming and to reuse services/functions offered by the platform.
  • Security: This stream addresses the possible extensions to the platform for increasing the security levels offered to potential stakeholders of SoftFIRE.

Please note that a proposal can be submitted for more than one stream. In their proposal, applicants must indicate which stream(s) the proposal is related with.

Evaluation of Proposals

In evaluating received proposals, the main criteria will be on the added creativity and technical soundness. Evaluators will also consider how the SoftFIRE platform will be used in order to reach the proposal objectives.

The first 6 highly ranked proposals for each stream will be selected for the Demo at FEC3 in Paris on March 15th, 2018.

Proposal Submission Information

Project full name: SoftFIRE – Software Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualization

Testbed within FIRE+

Project number: 687860

Call identifier: SoftFIRE-CH

Call title: SoftFIRE Challenge

Total Budget: € 225.000 in form of prizes (for all three streams)

Maximum Funding per Stream: 75.000 divided as follows:

€ 40.000 First Prize

€ 25.000 Second Prize

€ 10.000 Third Prize

Type of participants: The typical profile of participants is academics, industrial organisations, or SMEs active in the domain of NFV/SDN and 5G research and virtualised applications that want to run a demo of their newly developed solutions and applications. The rules of participation are described in the SoftFIRE Challenge Call:

Language of the proposal: English

Proposal submission: Online submission through the SoftFIRE portal

Call deadline: 31 January 2018 at 17:00h CET (Brussels time)          New Deadline: 4 February 2018

Proposal Template: Proposals must use the provided template (in Word format)

Detailed Call Information: SoftFIRE Challenge Call

Notification of Acceptance: by 7th February 2018           9th February 2018


Web address for further information:

Demonstration and awards: at Fed4FIRE Engineering Conference (FEC3) on March 15th, 2018

Important documentation

SoftFIRE Challenge document

SoftFIRE Challenge Proposal template

A Handbook containing guidelines, rules and mechanisms governing the usage of the SoftFIRE Testbed for the Challenge: SoftFIRE Handbook  (Please note that the project is continuously working on the update of the infrastructure; the more recent information can be found here)