Run Your Experiment on the SoftFIRE Federated Testbed


Experimenters can access the available resources through a single access-point, i.e., the SoftFIRE Experiment Manager, Figure 1. This tool will be under development during the entire lifecycle of the project in order to progressively manage and orchestrate the allocation of several resources (Virtualization, SDN, 5G Resources, Security, and Monitoring).

The Experiment Manager provides primitives to authenticate users and to discover, reserve, acquire, monitor and finally release a set of arbitrary resources of the infrastructure. Once a user has been given the authorization to access the system, he can perform experiments on top of the architecture for a certain amount of time. The SoftFIRE Experiment Manager (SEM) will ensure interoperability with other technologies by implementing the standard TOSCA interface.


                                          SoftFIRE architecture


The experiment lifecycle is thus divided in different phases.


More information and tutorials can be found here.