Abbreviation Description
CC Cluster Controller
CM Cluster Member
COTS Common Off-the Shelf equipment
CPN Control Plane Node
EPC Evolved Packet Core (see 3GPP LTE)
EPS Evolved Packet System (see 3GPP LTE)
MANO Management and Orchestration
Network Service Function Chained VNFs, often instantiated as a ‘Network Slice’
NSD Network Service Descriptor
SDN Software Defined Networking
ONF Open Network Forum
VNF Virtual Network Function
VNFD Virtual Network Function Descriptor
UPN User Plane Node (see 3GPP CUPS Technical Report)



Term Definition
Virtualisation The replacement of a bespoke vendor provided hardware based Network Element solution with a software based implementation that runs on COTS hardware.



Organisation Reference Web Reference Content
CentOS CentOS CentOS Operating System for 5GIC EPC + 5G Evolved VNF’s
 FITeagle FITEagle FITEagle Federated Testbed Access system
KVM KVM KVM KVM Operating System
OpenBaton OpenBaton OpenBaton Orchestrator from Fraunhofer Fokus,
OpenDaylight Open Daylight Open Daylight VIM for SDN
 ONF Open Networking Forum Site ONF Open Networking Forum site,
Define OpenFlow Protocol
openstack OpenStack Site OpenStack OpenStack Site,
REDMINE Redmine Site Redmine Ticketing system
ZABBIX Zabbix Site Zabbix Zabbix is used for Infrastructure and VNF performance monitoring



Organisation Reference Web Reference Content
3GPP 3GPP, 22.891, SMARTER TR22.981 Technical Report on Next Generation Use Cases (59)
3GPP 23.714, CUPS TR23.714 Technical Report on Control and User Plane separation of the EPC.
3GPP, 23.799, NexGen TR23.799 Technical Report on Next Generation Architectures
3GPP, 38.913, NGAT TR38.913 Technical Report on Next Generation Access Technologies
ETSI ETSI, ISG, NFV, Use Cases gs_NFV001 Use case Descriptions
ETSI, ISG, NFV, Architecture gs_NFV002 Interfaces, Architecure, Functiojnality and Features
ETSI, ISG, NFV, Glossary gs_NFV003
ETSI, ISG, NFV, Requirements gs_NFV004
NFV Requirements
ETSI, ISG, NFV, MANO Definition gs_NFV-MANO_001 MANO definition, VNFD and NFD templates
ngmn NGMN, 5G Whitepaper NGMN_5G_White_Paper_V1.0 Includes use cases for virtualisation for Next Generation Architectures
NGMN, Slicing Whitepaper NGMN_Slicing Intrtoduces the concept of ETE Network Slicing
ONF ONF, OpenFlow v1.3 openflow-spec-v1.3.1 OpenFlowv1.3 protocol specification, operated over a Neutron interface