SoftFIRE has released a new White Paper about Virtual Security Functions on a Federated and Orchestrated Virtualisation Testbed Interested findings could be found in this paper about the innovative approach SoftFIRE has taken to virtual security functions to its experimenters. Check out the details here.… Read More

SoftFIRE has released a new White Paper about the Second Wave of Experiments on the SoftFIRE Testbed Interested findings could be found here, as more experiments could be attracted due to newly developed Middleware of the SoftFIRE platform.… Read More

SoftFIRE is pleased to announce the winning teams of the SoftFIRE Challenge. It has been a great competition with high quality demos that made it challenging for the international jury to choose the winning teams. The Prizes have been handed over to the winners during the FEC3 conference in Paris on March 15th together with… Read More

SoftFIRE has released a new White Paper on the Topic: Programmability with NFV and SDN in SoftFIRE. Check out the latest findings here… Read More

SoftFIRE is participating at the IETF Hackathon 101 event in London, UK, on 17-18 March 2018, and providing access to its federated virtualisation testbed to the IETF NFV-SDN community. Click here for more information and to register. Looking forward to seeing you there.… Read More

Let’s work and INNOVATE on a 5G European federated testbed to win a Prize! SoftFIRE launched the Open Call for its Innovation Hackathon. Apply for participation to the Hackathon and join the SoftFIRE team in the two days event on April 18-19, 2018 at Ericsson in Rome! For more detailed information please refer here.… Read More

The real-time Virtual Reality (VR) gaming is becoming a promising but challenging service/application for the next generation of multimedia system. To provide good quality for VR gaming, all of these VR headsets demand for the wired connection to the powerful gaming Personal Computer (PC) or gaming controller (e.g., PS4). To overcome these problems, DozeroTech AB… Read More

Institut Mines Telecom – Telecom SudParis proposed a Cost-efficient Centrality-based VNF Placement and chaining algorithm (aka CCVP) as one of the recent solution for cost-efficient network service provisioning. The CCVP used the Betweenness centrality and flow source modification (FSM) techniques. The objective of CCVP was to find the optimal number of VNFs along with their… Read More