5GNaaS Experiment by Cumucore


The 5GNaaS experiment instantiated multiple instances of a virtualised mobile packet core (EPC) in the SoftFIRE federated testbed and installed an SDN switch on the path between LTE eNBs and these virtual EPC instances. The objective of this experiment is to design and deploy the first network slice manager according to 3GPP specifications (Technical Specifications Document TS 23.501) using the SoftFIRE capabilities. The SDN switch served the purpose of an SDN-based mobile backhaul, as an enabler for traffic routing to different network slices, which can be used for new services and applications. As a result, the experiment has delivered a solution for context-based traffic routing between the mobile access network and the EPC. The experiment offers opportunities for verticals, e.g. Industrial Internet, IoT, Autonomous UAVs, and other applications, each of which requires its own dedicated network slice with specific latency and QoS requirements. The experiment has used SDN and has deployed a Slice Manager virtual instance, to demonstrate a 3GPP-compliant deployment of such an element which is required for 5G networks.

After the experiment was completed, it was selected as one of the top-4 companies part of hackathon organized by one of the largest Finnish mobile operator ELISA (www.elisa.fi). The SoftFIRE 5GaaS experiment was adapted to be used by consumers so an end user can request their own network slice with lower latency and higher speed to be used temporarily for gaming, 4K real-time video streaming with extra cost compared to normal mobile service subscription.


Listen to the CEO of Cumucore, Jose Costa-Requena, interview.

The demo of the 5GNaaA project is available here.


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