Events: Hackathons, InterOpTest and Challenges


The Open Calls will be carried out in synergy with special events that will aggregate the community around the latest achievement in the area of NFV/SDN.
Events offer the opportunity to show the Open Calls results and also to involve other people and organisations that want to showcase their latest achievements in the fields or simply to contribute to the experimentations.


First Open InterOpTest

The first event is scheduled for September 30th 2016 and it will be an Open InterOpTest in Berlin premises of EIT Digital. In this event the SoftFIRE project will demonstrate the interconnection of different testbeds. It will be an opportunity to show to interested people how to use the Federated Testbed and what it can provide to the community.

Details including agenda can be found here.

Further events:

Other events will be HACKATHONS: they aim at developing within the community of practitioners solutions addressing specific topics of the technological domain and looking forward the introduction of 5G functionalities.

The third event will be a CHALLENGE in the sense that experimenters and other organisations (if interested)  will be running experiments while participants to the event will hack the platform in order to clearly show vulnerabilities or weak points of the Federated test bed.


Each event and open call will generate a lot of knowledge around the federated testbed and its technologies. The project and the experiment participants will provide feedback to the entire community in order to identify and assess flaws and issues that are of a common interest. This should be of peculiar interest to Standardisation Bodies and organisations interested in real implementations.


First Hackathon Announcement

SoftFIRE envisages three waves of Open Calls. At the end of each one, there will be an open and public event during which experimenters and a wide audience of practitioners and interested people could work side by side in hacking the platform in order to extend the functionalities and create new applications.

The First Hackathon will take on May 23-24, 2017  in Berlin and will be an opportunity to present and assess the results achieved by the Experimenters that participated to the First SoftFIRE Open Call.

More information about the First Hackathon can be found here.