Connecting your Testbed to SoftFIRE


SoftFIRE on Demand

SoftFIRE has the objective to be the reference platform for NFV/SDN developments and experimentations. It provided means and mechanisms to develop and run experiments in this promising technical area. SoftFIRE  is to be  considered an experimental platform and as such it cannot support, for the time being, industrial developments. However, it can have many merits and it could  be  appealing to organizations that are willing to achieve specific  competences,  skills or want to start the development of specific solutions in  an  environment that is close to the future industrial platforms for NFV/SDN.

For these  organizations it is possible to schedule an on-demand usage of the federated testbed. The partners of SoftFIRE could make available the platforms in order to accommodate specific needs. This availability and a set of  further  request (specific levels of support) should be negotiated case by case  with the  project as a whole or with a smaller group of partners if this is of interest  for the requesting organizations. It will be care of the SoftFIRE project to guarantee that the usage of the Testbed will not conflict with the scheduled activities of the Open Calls.

SoftFIRE and the Project partners are also available to support some testing campaigns if there is an interest by a requesting organization to do so.

The procedure to activate a SoftFIRE on-demand campaign are the following:

  • To contact  the project responsible for this: Peter Feil
  • To  jointly elaborate a requirements document stating the needs in terms of resources and time frame

The SoftFIRE project will elaborate a specific answer to the request proposing a possible configuration that could satisfy the requirements with a possible pricing for the activity or a brief description of why it is not possible to accommodate the request.

The requesting organization and the SoftFIRE partners will negotiate the needed functions, support and related fees as well as the timeframe according to the schedule of the project and the involved parties.

When an agreement is signed, a specific project supported by extra resources of the Partners will prepare the infrastructure and the experimentation can take place accordingly.