Let’s work and INNOVATE on a 5G European federated testbed to win a Prize!

Join the SoftFIRE team in its Innovation Hackathon in Rome!


Via Anagnina 203,  00121 ROMA (RM), Italy)

When:               April 18th – 19th, 2018.

Also open to remote teams!


Theme: The theme of the Innovation SoftFIRE Hackathon is bringing innovation and new industrial ideas in terms of compelling applications, services, functions, and products for the new 5G environments through a secure NFV/SDN platform.

The participating teams should focus on functions, services, applications or products and proof of concepts that could demonstrate the ability of the NFV/SDN platform to provide new services and applications within future networks and in particular 5G. SoftFIRE will be particularly interested in applications and services addressing, automotive, Internet of Things, gaming, big data, e-health, multimedia media streaming or any other application domain relevant for 5G.

To summarize, the theme of the Hackathon is development of compelling applications, services, functions for the new 5G environment through a secure NFV/SDN platform and/or porting of the existing advanced innovative products on the federated platform.

More details about the event, rules for participation and judging criteria can be found here.


Duration of the event: to all participants, access to the platform will be granted for two days: from 10:00 CET (local time) to the end of the first business day (about 18.00 CET), and from 9:00 to 13:00 (i.e. end of the Hackathon development activities). Starting from 13.00, each participating team will have around 20 minutes to demonstrate their results to the jury by means of a running demo and optionally some slides and presentation.  The platform will be closed outside these hours.

Registration deadline:  April 6th, 2017 at 17.00 CET (Brussels Time).     New Deadline:  April 12th, 2018 at 17.00 CET

Due to requests, we are also opening the Hackathon for remote participation. In case you cannot be present in Rome, you can remotely access to the event and to the contest. Please indicate in the “Participation” field of the form if your team will attend in person or remotely.

Prizes: The winning team will be rewarded with a prize of 7,000€.  The second team will receive a prize of 3,000€  and the third team will receive a prize of 1,000€.

Rules of participation: Admittance to the Hackathon is on a “First Come First Serve” basis and the SoftFIRE team reserves the right to select the attendees among those who request it. For eligibility criteria please refer to the Open Call document.

Teams:  Each participating Organization should appoint a Team  composed of 2 – 4 people, including the Leader. Each team has to register by filling out the form completely. All accepted Teams will receive a notification of acceptance, that will enable you to participate in the Innovation Hackathon.

Type of participants: all active teams in the domain of NFV/SDN and 5G research and innovation who want to exploit the SoftFIRE federated testbed for demostating new capabilities, services, proof of concept or products.


Open Day: The SoftFIRE team is offering additional support to the participants by organizing before the event one Open Day, during which interested teams can get acquainted with the SoftFIRE platform.

Date: 12th April 2018. For more information please check here.

In addition, free Tutorials are already available in the SoftFIRE youtube channel

We recommend to take advantage of at least one of them for being able to attend the Innovation SoftFIRE Hackathon with the best training possible!



Initial introduction to the SoftFIRE platform

Official Open Call document: SoftFIRE Hackathon Document   (please read it before applying)

Online documentation is available here

Online how-to guide for local installation is available here (Docker version here)


For more general information, please refer to info@softfire.eu