AVALON developed an intelligent traffic steering mechanism to optimize the number and sequence (chain) of service functions. Dynamic SFC is based on higher layer inspection (Layer 7), i.e., traffic identification and classification at the application layer. To achieve this goal, the OpenStack-compatible Open Virtual Switch (OVS) has been extended adding an interface interacting with an external Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) VNF.

Avalon’s key contribution is the implementation of Dynamic Service Function Chains based on higher layer inspection (L7) in comparison to transitional Layer2 to Layer4 existing implementation. The key concept in Avalon’s implementation is the method designed and developed to identify traffic patterns in an asynchronous way without limiting the throughput of the overall system.

More Information about the experiment can be found here.

Listen to the Eight Bells interview.

The demo of the Avalon experiment is available here.

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